Frizzy Hair

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Frizzy Hair

Are you someone who struggles with frizzy hair? Well here are some tips and trick on what and how to help control the frizz. Thick hair which is common for those with frizzy hair is known to absorb moisture from the environment. Thick hair is able to absorb up to 40% of moisture unlike fine hair and this is why it becomes frizzy. Using a mild shampoo that doesn’t contain sulfate is very good for you hair but, it’s also better to only wash your hair with conditioner and only wash with shampoo every 2-3 times you wash your hair not everyday. This is because conditioner uses natural moisturise to maintain frizz.

Do Not Rub hair with a towel when you are drying your hair. This will create more frizz and is very damaging to your hair. Instead pat hair dry and use a wide toothed comb preferably a bamboo one if you can get hold of one to brush out the knots. Coconut oil has been proven very beneficially towards frizzy hair, because it carry’s out so much moisture it help control frizz naturally. Making sure to rinse hair thoroughly is also very important because left over products that can build up in your hair can also lead to itchy scalp. Using hot water can also remove the moisture from you hair that also leads to frizz.

It’s also know that having satin pillow cases can also tame down the frizz , they help because letting your hair dry naturally is very good and the satin stops frizz while your hair is wet. Hairdryers are seen to be the main problem when it comes to frizzy hair, this is because the heat can damage the hair and cause breakage. If you are someone that does need to use a hair dryer just make sure to use it on a low setting and try to get hair diffuse to place at the end of the hair dryer. It also helps that when your looking for new hair product to avoid any containing alcohol as this will dry out your hair and leave it very damaged. Also look for conditioners with the word ‘Moisturising’ because moisture helps control frizzy hair.

Things to Avoid for frizzy hair is when it comes to running late to a meeting or work do not rush. Rushing your daily beauty routine with thick/frizzy hair can make it worse. Time is your friend, sectioning your hair and styling takes time rushing will only create half a job and can also damage your hair more. As I’ve said before using a wide toothed comb can be very helpful because brushing your hair when its wet can cause split ends and make it very dry. So it’s best to use a wide toothed comb and then let your hair dry naturally. Try to also avoid permanent colour in your hair as this can lead to hair loss and future damage, try and use semi-permanent hair dye when you can.

Here is a list of a few things that are naturally good for your hair type:

  • Coconut Oil
  • Almond Oil
  • Aloe Vera
  • Lavender
  • Orange

‘Say No To Plastic’ Project

A Happy&HealthySkincare project.

This is from our new ‘Plastic Free’ range, where we aim to cut down on plastic use and take little steps into helping the planet. This is 100% natural and vegan.

Moisturiser Bar w/Shea Butter

Join use by sharing our products as well as doing your bit for the planet. Try and recycle when you can and try to use biodegradable products when you can.

Body Scrub Bar w/ Himalayan Salts


Treating Acne


I’ve managed to create a skincare company to help people feel comfortable in their own skin. From experience I’ve had trouble with finding the right product for my skin, growing up it’s natural to have trouble with spots. In making my company I did a lot of coursework and research into everything to do with skin and I learnt that a lot of high brand skincare company’s have harsh chemicals that can do more damage then good.

Scar Oil & Acne Stick

In doing my courses all of my skincare products are 100% organic and Vegan, No harsh chemicals what do ever. My goal is to lower the use of plastic for my products as well as helping people of all ages feel completely comfortable in their own skin because nothing is more important then for you to feel @happyhealthyskincare

Black Magic Overnight Mask

Full Facial For Clean and Clear Skin.

Having a full facial once a week can be very beneficial when it comes to looking after your skin. A full facial is a completely organic and has nothing harsh added to it to irritate skin. Step 1 – For a full facial you start with steaming your face, simply boil a kettle and add the hot water to a bowl and only fill it a quarter of the way up. It’s best to add an essential oil to the water to help with your skin type, we have used Patchouli (Acts as an antiseptic and also balances out skin tones for oily and acne prone skin), Ylang Ylang ( Treats acne and dry skin), Bergamot (Used for combination and oily skin) you only need to use 5 drops each of the oils. There are a lot of benefits to steaming your face starting with the fact it opens the pores and removes dirt and oil build up, which helps prevent spots appearing. Steaming your face is also really good for your circulation it dilates your blood vessels and increases circulation. This boost of blood flow nourishes your skin and delivers oxygen giving your skin that extra glow.

Make sure to use a towel to cover your head to keep the steam in.

Step 2 – The nest step in giving yourself a full facial is the mask. Best mask to use for this in my opinion is bentonite clay. This clay is 100% pure and comes from volcanic ash, this clay is best at removing toxins in your skin as well as having the ability to help remove sebum, or oil, from the skin’s surface, and it may also have a calming effect on inflamed breakouts. Using the clay DO NOT use anything metal to mix the clay and remove piercings of the face, its best to use a wooden spoon to mix. You will only need one table spoon of the clay and then simply add a teaspoon of pure organic apple cider vinegar and a teaspoon of witch hazel (find one that doesn’t contain alcohol). Try and get hold of some pure rose water if you can or you can have a ago of making your own like we did(if you can not get hold of rosewater simply use distilled water), add the rose water bit by bit until the clay becomes a paste. Once you have formed a paste you can then add an essential oil, again use one best with your skin type we used lime (Helps clear acne prone skin) only used 5 drops. Once you have completed the steam apply the paste to your face and wait until it drys, then wash off with lukewarm water.

Step 3 – Once the mask has been full washed off use a cloth to pat your face dry, Do not rub as this can cause more skin irritations. With the mask washed off you can then move onto the last step which is closing the pores and moisturising. To do this you need to use a toner. A toner is a product that helps cleanse the face further but also has the ingredient to close pores, for example ‘apply cider vinegar’ is one of the best organic and natural ingredient that has the ability to close pores. The reason as to why it can close pores is because it contains alpha-hydroxy acids which is an organic acid that improves cell turnovers. Once you have used the toner you can move on to using either a serum or go straight to a moisturiser. If you choice a moisturiser make sure to check the ingredients first, apply to your face to keep your face moist and clean.

Some Happy&Healthy Products.

How to treat Oily Skin.

5 months difference with a 10 year problem, With the help from Happy&Healthy Skincare.

If you are someone who has trouble dealing with oily skin here are a few tips and tricks to help. First thing is to find out if you actually have oily skin, so people mistake oily skin for combination skin. People with oily skin tend to have shiny skin due to the oils your skin produces, These shinny patches tend to be more noticeable at midday or if the weather is hot. These patches are normally seen on your T-zone (Forehead,nose and chin). Enlarged pores is another feature when it comes to Oily skin, these pores are noticed on the nose as well as the chin. This is again caused by your face producing too much oil. The last known feature to oily skin is having blackheads,pimples and blemishes along the T-zone, these are caused by blocked pores.

When it comes to oily skin one of the main causes could be a hormonal change, this then causes the body to produce more oil. As your body produces more oil it also combines dead skin to clog pores this is known to cause breakouts. Having oily skin does have an upside this is because people with oily skin makes them less prone to wrinkles, this is because the oil keeps their face moist.

Other reasons that can cause oily skin include stress, stressing about even small things can cause spots to appear on your face. A poor diet can also be one of the reasons to having acne prone or oily skin, making sure to balance out between a healthy and unhealthy diet could be key to having clear skin. Taking supplements is a good way to achieve this, taking zinc, evening primrose or even a vitamin A supplement can reduces the appearance of spots and blemishes. Another big cause would be environment toxins this includes pollution. All the car fumes can damage your skin and cause skin irritation as well as clogged pores.

Things to try to help with your skin comes down to cleansing twice a day, Once in the morning with just warm water and once in the evening with a noncomedogeric (Not likely to clog pores or cause breakouts) face wash and again wash off with warm water. Using warm water helps open the pores for you to then use a toner preferably a water based toner to help close them and keep them clean. Having a facial mist on hand is also helpful as the mist is used to keep your face moisturised. Creating a routine is very important and sticking to it will help you in the long run, best routine to try is cleanse, tone, face serum and moisturiser.

Things to avoid when looking to clear oily skin is to watch what your putting on your face, avoid anything with harsh chemicals. This may be hard because on a lot of products it contains a lot of words that don’t make sense but, the ones that do contain harsh chemicals include clean & clear, neutrogena, Freedom, clearasil and many more the aim is to try and go for natural products as much as you can but also avoid the word benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. These are both chemicals that can cause rare and serious skin irritations and can make your skin worse. When you do gain spots on your face try your best to LEAVE THEM ALONE, playing with them can cause further irritations as well as a high chance to cause an infection especially with unclean hands.

From my point of view it is more beneficial to use natural products then cheap chemical ones. Here are some natural things to try: witch hazel (That doesn’t contain alcohol), Lemongrass, Elder flower, yarrow, Cedar wood, Cypress, Ventiver, Patchouli, Orange, Lemon, hazelnut oil, Jojoba oil, argan oil, Grape seed oil, Wheatgerm oil, Aloe Vera, Vitamin A, B3, C, Zinc and Evening primrose.

Taking Care Of Your Feet

Happy&Healthy Foot Mask Set

With beauty it normally comes down to your basics, for example your face and your hair. Taking care of your feet is actually quite important, not doing enough for your feet can actually damage you in the long run.

Having a simple foot bath of even placing moisturiser cream on to your feet is the first step to perfect feeling feet. It starts with what kind of shoes you wear everyday, wearing ones that are too tight can lead to ingrown toenails. Wearing heels can lead to poor posture and trainers are known to cause your feet to smell which becomes a breading ground to athletes foot. Having all these problems can also cause backache as well as osteoarthritis in the knees and this will defiantly affect you in the long run.

There are simple tips and tricks to keep them Happy&Healthy. Start by drying your feet when you are finished in a bath or shower, by doing this you are stopping the prevention of athlete’s foot. Make sure to clean in between the toes. Checking your feet on a daily basic looking for swollen areas or cuts and bruises can also be very beneficial, this can help by picking up on anything medically wrong fast. Cutting nails, now this one is very important especially if you do it wrong. It’s recommended to trim your toenails regularly, trim straight and DO NOT trim down the sides of your nails. Doing this can increase the risk of infection and ingrown nails.

Make sure to rest your feet ever now and again. Overdoing your feet can cause your feet to swell up, that’s why its encouraged to elevate your feet to help with the circulation. Now as well as over doing your feet it always comes down to rough and dry skin, a lot of people suffer with it and can find many ways to treat it. With my skincare range we have created a foot mask set completed with cotton socks and moisturiser to wear overnight to keep your feet nourished. Other people have other ways at looking after their feet the choice is up to you.

Having a relaxing foot bath like I had mentioned before can also be very beneficial too. All that is needed is a bowl big enough for your feet and also grabbing hold of some Epsom salts, buying these unscented is also a good idea because then you can add your own scent. For the scents its best to use essential oils, the ones best for your feet include lavender, tea tree, chamomile and eucalyptus.

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